Suggested Reading for November 23, 2012

I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving—I know I did. Here’s my first weekly reading round-up—things I read this week (articles and blog posts) that I think you might be interested in. Enjoy! Picture book review later today.

Two from Teacher Tom: We Can’t Afford a One-Trick Pony, about open-ended toys and materials, and Just the Thing You’ve Been Missing, about why your preschool needs a mailbox.

Two from Picklebums: Positive First Response, about keeping the right mind-set when things go wrong, and When Kids Bite, a positive, honest, realistic approach to her own children.

What Part of No Doesn’t Your Child Understand? is a great post at Aha! Parenting about the importance, and usefulness, of acknowledging your child’s feelings. Similar, and even more persuasive, is Janet Lanisbury’s The Key to Your Child’s Heart. Highly recommend.

Childhood 101’s Five Ways to Change the Tone of Your Day sounds a little wishy-washy from the title, but it’s actually some practical tips for working with children.

Finally, on a more concrete note: Button and Cork Builders, from No Time For Flashcards, is a wonderful toy you can make yourself. I want to go and build it myself right now. Play Based Learning’s Sorting Box is the same category of idea; they want you to buy it from them, but I think you should just steal the idea and make it yourself.

Got recent links to share? Add them in the comments!


One thought on “Suggested Reading for November 23, 2012

  1. Lisa November 23, 2012 at 11:26 pm Reply

    My very fave blog (period) is about good and cooking with kids. By a former NYC pastry chef (and the granddaughter of Richard Diebenkorn- but that may not be for public consumption), Phyllis Grant swears like a sailor, photographs like an artist, cooks like a dream and parents like…a real person.

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