Suggested Reading for December 14, 2012

suggestedreadingSome good items for parents this week. A lovely piece from Confessions of Dr. Mom about the power of simply waiting (and a nice aside about how even when you do things “right,” they don’t always work). A good piece on HuffPo for parents who feel like they’re not doing it right. It’s got a kind of simplistic view of how things used to be, but still—much-needed perspective on the perfectionism our culture foists on parents. And some great perspectives from Laura Markham about time-outs: they’re not bad, per se—they’re just not necessarily as effective as some other things you can do…

A piece in the New Yorker about the proposal in France to abolish homework for children younger than high school. Some great notes about the nature of homework, and closing thoughts about the relationship between successful school practices and local culture.

A nice little overview in the New York Times of how children develop pro-social behaviors, and a bit about what we, as adults, can do to encourage it.

A brilliant art project! “Spin Art Snowflakes,” from Toddler Approved. I mostly love it because it’s a simple way to use tools you probably already have to do something new.

And three highlights from Teacher Tom: Perspectives on teaching values to children, and avoiding compliance battles; Cooperative problems solving with children; and effective classroom democracy (especially in the second half).

Have a great weekend!


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