Suggested Reading for December 21, 2012

suggestedreadingIt’s a travel day, so no book review. Since the Mayan calendar doesn’t end today but is, rather, cyclical, you’ll still need things to read this weekend. So here you go.

I response to last week’s terrible events in Connecticut, some wise and compassionate words from Mister Rogers on helping children deal with tragic events in the news. Also, from the Unitarian Universalist parenting blog, a brief piece about talking with children about tragedy. I especially like the point about helping your child take positive action to help.

From the New York Times, a description of hopeful research findings: almost all children exposed to trauma can and will recover. (Warning to sensitive readers: this article contains somewhat disturbing descriptions of traumas.)

Also in the New York Times, research from the I Could Have Thought of That Institute finds that giving kids sugar makes them cry less when they get an injection! Actually, it’s a little more interesting than that, since they give sugar BEFORE the shot…

Teacher Tom’s approach to responding to children’s risk-taking behaviors. I wouldn’t necessarily choose the same words as he does, but I strongly agree with the idea that we have to allow kids the opportunities to take risks—and sometimes get hurt—so that they learn from their mistakes.

Maria Popova at Brain Pickings recommends her favorites of the year’s children’s books. I’ve only read two of these—I think Little Bird and Henri’s Walk to Paris are both interesting, if not necessarily the ones I’d want to read to children. But Popova’s recommendations (on books, and on everything else) are always interesting, and worth a look.

And finally, for your amusement, 46 Reasons My Three Year Old Might be Freaking Out. This made me laugh a lot.

* * *

Have a great weekend, and if you’ve read anything interesting this week, leave it in the comments!


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