Suggested Reading for December 28, 2012

suggestedreadingVacation’s almost over! Gah! Time to get reading…

A great fine motor activity from Mama OT. A clever use of materials you probably already have.

A fantastic math game to play at snack time, from Teacher Tom.

An article in the NY Times about services that teach your children table manners, “because parents no longer have the stomach, time or know-how to play bad cop and teach manners.” I love this idea! I could make a million dollars! Not to toot my own horn, but in my 2’s classrooms, within three months every child was saying please and thank you and cleaning up their own place when they were done. Seriously, if you want your child to have better table manners, get in touch with me—it’s not nearly as hard as you fear, and I won’t charge you $1,250.

For a little higher-quality material from the Times, read this discussion on how to choose age-appropriate books for children (largely focused on elementary-school-age children). I often find the “Room for Debate” feature to be a little glib, but in this one I thought all the commentators make some really thoughtful points. Clearly there’s no easy answer to what book is right for what child, but these are some valuable perpsectives. Though no one made the point I would put in there: that it’s most important for a child to find books they’re enthusiastic about, regardless of if the books are “too old” or “too young” for them. If they love a book, it’s exactly the right age for them!

A lovely and reasonable piece about prescriptive vs open-ended art activities from Teacher Tom.

A nice piece about responding to children’s emotions from Janet Lansbury.

Creative with Kids did a year-end round-up of her favorite posts of the year.
A good one about the secrets of playing with toddlers, and some good all-purpose toddler activities, and one about the importance of toddlers’ “loading and toting” phase. And a great idea: take Legos, and add water!

If you read anything interesting this week, please post it in the comments!


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