Suggested Reading for 1/18/13

suggestedreadingIt’s sunny but COLD here in Philadelphia today. I’m spending today finishing up my syllabus for Early Childhood Curriculum at MCCC. If you’ve got time this weekend, check out some of these:

See, this is why I love the internet. So many people are so smart! This is a genius art activity, from Teacher Tom: painting with magnets! Brilliant.

Also from Teacher Tom, one of the best things I’ve seen on children and screen media—and it’s not based on brain research or development theory or anything. It’s just about what’s lost. Mess is lost. And that’s bad.

Here’s the last entry in Toddler Approved’s series of Toddler Activities, A through Z, which I linked to much of last week. Great ideas for stuff to do with young children, in excellent variety.

An interesting piece in the New York Times about bribing children, with brief discussion of why it’s usually a bad idea, and some ideas about strategies you might use instead. It’s a 2-pager, and I think the first page is a little less persuasive than the second, so keep reading. The recommendation of switching from “If-Then” rewards to “Now-That” rewards is particularly good. Overall, the suggestions are good, but the article could go a lot further in showing how the suggestions actually work in real life—which is always the tricky part. There’s a rebuttal to all of this, also on the Times, more compellingly written. If you feel like you’re resorting to bribes too much, get in touch with me—that’s the kind of thing I help parents with all the time.

A smart piece by Janet Lansbury about drawing the line between respecting children’s choices and indulging children inappropriately. Good guidelines.

Good perspectives on praising children—how, why, and how much—from Not Just Cute.

Some good, SIMPLE activities for toddlers. Simple is often the problem with toddlers. These are useful.

That’s it from me this week. If you’ve read anything worthwhile, tell us in the comments!


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