Suggested Reading for 2/15/13

suggestedreadingIt’s been a busy week, so I’ve read a little less this week. Teaching is busy, and I’m trying to finish a few projects (and somehow starting a few new ones too). But! For your enjoyment:

Here’s a clever way to make finger-puppets. Easy, cheap, adorable, and perfect for (of all things) bath time!

A nice little piece from Inner Child Learning about using a tool called “social stories” to support children in developing friendship skills. Really, you can use the principles here to help children develop whatever qualities or ideas you’re interested in. Personalized books are magic.

From Teacher Tom, a thoughtful approach to the ever-present preschool issue of social exclusion. There’s never a right answer, of course, but it’s good for adults and children to always be thinking…

From Mummy Musings and Mayhem, some really excellent fine-motor activities, for home or school. Great to have these ideas collected together.

From Let the Children Play, a great idea for DIY geo boards. Hammers and nails! Rubberbands! Tree stumps! Genius.

That’s it for this week. If you’ve read something good, leave it in the comments.


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