Suggested Reading for 3/15/13

suggestedreadingA nifty idea, from Train Up a Child, for using gross-motor play to teach math! There are a lot of easy variations to this. I’ve set up an “obstacle course” with sidewalk chalk, where kids jump from letter to letter, shape to shape, number to number…

A nice post on the New York Times about the importance of transitional objects—teddy bears, blankies, loveys, etc.—to child development.

Teacher Tom is, perhaps surprisingly, not a proponant of climbing structures. I’d be curious to hear the reactions of teachers and parents to this…

Some great tips, from Creative with Kids, on making art projects run smoothly.

A nice little piece from Abundant Life Children about having young children help with “chores”—or really, just having young children be helpful. The secret is that young children LOVE real work—as long as it’s really real.

Some inspiring outdoor preschool environments, collected at Let the Children Play.

That’s it for this week. As always, if you’ve read anything good, let us know in the comments.

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