Suggested Reading for 3/22/13

suggestedreadingIt was Mr. Rogers’ birthday this week. I remember watching Mr. Rogers a little when I was a kid. But he’s been coming up more and more often for me recently, and the more he comes up the more amazing I think he is. Here’s an ode to Mr. Rogers from the AV Club.

A fine post by Dr. Laura Markham on children’s emotions, and the crucial difference between allowing negative emotions and allowing negative behaviors.

Another great reminder from How We Montessori of the importance of simple, everyday experiences. This is an easy activity your toddler is almost certain to love…

An interesting piece in the New York Times about the importance of family narratives in promoting resilience in children. I suspect it’s not a causal relationship—narratives don’t CAUSE resilience, but families who promote resilience are likely to create narratives. However, it’s got some interesting ideas…

Some great tips, from Creative with Kids, about successful strategies for doing projects with mixed-age groups of children. Useful for teachers and for families with more than one child.

A really great piece from Not Just Cute about the importance of risk in children’s play, and the dangers inherent in making things too safe. Really smart stuff.

What did you read this week that made you think? Post it in the comments…


One thought on “Suggested Reading for 3/22/13

  1. Betsy March 22, 2013 at 5:46 pm Reply

    I think the family narrative is so powerful that I’m going to use it with my high school alternative students! Perhaps it would be a good way to approach my mother’s memorial service, too…

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