Suggested Reading for 3/29/13

suggestedreadingDon’t know about where you are, but spring is starting to show its head here in Philly. It’s the time of year at preschool when all the kids start to get antsy from being cooped up and from feeling like they know everything their classroom has to offer—the time of year when teachers need to step up their game, throw the kids for a loop now and then. I miss it.

Anyway, some things to read.

A nice little piece by Teacher Tom about clean-up time. “I consider clean-up time to be the core of our curriculum. This is the most concrete way that the children begin to make the school their own in the only way that anyone ever truly takes ownership of anything: by assuming responsibility for it.” Yes please. Also, a really terrific piece he wrote about the purpose of education. He argues that even if the point of education is to create good workers (a point he does not concede), play-based curriculum is still the best way to get there. Very persuasive.

A thoughtful piece from Popsugar Moms about sharing, with a compelling argument against making children share. I agree 95%.

A clever idea from Playful Learning for making your own “puzzles” from legos. A really creative way to use a child’s natural enthusiasm for legos (or really any kind of building activity) to promote cognitive development.

At Let the Children Play, an ode to the cardboard box, with some great ideas for enhancing children’s cardboard-box-related play.

And, okay, fine, one more by Teacher Tom. “The Greatness of Children.” Read it with some happy music playing in the background. You’ll remember what you like about children, and why you want to do good things for them.


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