Suggested Reading for 4/6/13

suggestedreadingA day late this week—and I know how many of you absolutely depend on Friday’s post to tell you how to allocate your weekend reading energy. Yeah, that’s it.

To start out, a little sorbet from How We Montessori about teaching toddlers to be gentle and careful. Not as hard to do as you think.

A lovely piece on Abundant Life Children about dealing with children’s negative behaviors—specifically, about going beyond ignoring children’s negative behaviors, and actually using those occasions as teachable moments. Very wise.

Do you have an infant? Does that infant point at things? Here’s a surprisingly good article on Slate about how complex and important pointing really is, and about some really subtle experiments that have been done to determine what’s going on in infants’ minds when they point.

A very smart column in xoJane about, well, about how to raise your child to not be a rapist. I know, I know, it sounds super heavy, and it is a little heavy, but it’s also smart and compassionate and important. It’s about how the idea of consent, which we talk about (somewhat) easily these days around adult relationships and sex, should be an idea that we’re educating young children about with regard to all kinds of relationships and physical contact. It’s about teaching respect by showing respect. I don’t thnk I’m doing a good job of selling how good this column is. Just go read it.

A semi-provokative piece by Thomas Friedman in the Times about, essentially, what the purpose of education ought to be. He’s coming from a pretty privileged position in terms of his assumptions about what young adults can/should be able to do for work. But I agree with the idea that, in our increasingly technologized world, the acquisition of knowledge is less important than the development of skills and attitudes like motivation and curiousity and critical thinking. Skills which, incidentally, are what preschool is (should be) all about…

That’s it for this week! Hope your weekend weather is as nice as Philly’s.


One thought on “Suggested Reading for 4/6/13

  1. Emily Plank, Abundant Life Children April 9, 2013 at 8:08 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing!

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