Suggested Reading for 4/19/13

suggestedreadingI am pleased to announce that as of August I will be teacher and assistant director at the Children’s Community School in west Philadelphia. They are awesome people with an inspiring program. I am as excited as I can be to get to grow my practice with them, as they (we!) grow their program. I am also tickled pink to be working directly with kids again. I did an activity with them today, and it was just so much fun. Fabulous kids, who took my little hint of an art activity and went to town, taking it on with humor and creativity and energy. I can’t wait.

Anyway, come August the frequency of blog posts will probably change, but until then, here’s some recommended reading for you.

In the “life hacks” category—I believe all parents are likely to find useful ideas in here…

Here’s a cool idea from Train Up a Child, for the warm weather days that are approaching: ice bowling! I kind of want to do this myself, kids or no…

A lovely post from Teacher Tom about how to talk to children in a way that stimulates their thinking, and another one about how his school deals with the issue of sharing.

A nice little piece from Picklebums about why collecting things is good for children. When I was a kid, I collected rocks, stamps (half-heartedly), and baseball cards (briefly). How about you?

A thought-provoking piece on Slate about cross-cultural perspectives on parenting. Worth chewing over…

From NAEYC, a list of “Children’s Books that Break Gender Role Stereotypes.” I haven’t vetted the list myself, but I figure it’s a good list to have around.

And, okay, yes, one more from Teacher Tom, on an app he got for his preschool. You will probably giggle.


One thought on “Suggested Reading for 4/19/13

  1. Betsy April 20, 2013 at 9:50 pm Reply

    I loved Teacher Tom’s new app– huge sheets of cardboard! I think I ought to start a 21st Century Cardboard Initiative in my district! After all, it looks easily as engaging as iPads, and much more user-friendly!

    Congratulations on your new position, Jarrod!!

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