Suggested Reading for 5/3/13

suggestedreadingGreetings, from Portland, Maine! It’s adorable here.

This is handy: from the American Humane Society, a guide to having pets and babies at the same time. Useful.

Have you ever heard the phrase “learning through play” and wondered exactly what’s the deal there? Regarding Baby has an excellent blog post about the importance of play in learning and development.

From Aha! Parenting, a lovely example of how you might help two siblings work through a conflict. It’s a bit long, but it shows how a lot of great strategies might look in real life. And another one from Dr. Markham detailing the reasons punishment just isn’t a very good strategy for getting the behavior you want out of children.

Some clever ideas, from Train Up a Child, for using pool noodles to make some great outdoor gross motor activities. And a nice article about using gross motor activities to teach phonics—a great demonstration of using a child’s strengths and interests to teach just about anything you want.

That’s it for this week! Enjoy the weather this weekend!


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