Suggested Reading for 5/17/13

Here’s a website that sells products intended to “empower girls.” I have’t looked through it all thoroughly, but found this page, which collects picture books with non-traditional gender roles for boys. Awesome.

From Teacher Tom, a good example of why punishment usually doesn’t work very well. Also, a lovely story about getting children to care for each other.

From the incomparable Janet Lansbury, incredibly useful advice on getting compliance from your child with the magic technique of respecting them. Ever have battles with your child? One of these suggestions will help, almost guaranteed.

Finally, for your listening pleasure, the third act of this week’s This American Life is an interview with the marvelous Vivian Paley about her “You can’t say you can’t play” experiment in her kindergarten classroom. It’s a story that has a lot to say about children’s social development—especially how they exclude each other, and become excluded—and how much of a role adults have in shaping that. We have a lot more of a role than we think we do.

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