Suggested Reading for 6/3/13

suggestedreadingRegular readers will have noticed that I’m not writing as regularly. Sorry team! Summer’s been slightly crazy so far. New job! Buying a house! Writing a book, maybe! Traveling! Okay, kind of a lot crazy. My Monday-Wednesday-Friday posting schedule is getting shot to heck. I’m going to try to keep posting at least twice a week, but the schedule is likely to remain erratic for awhile.

There’s all sorts of other good stuff to read though, on my off days! Check out these fine offerings.

From the always creative Picklebums, an art idea that I think would be especially good for toddlers, who might struggle with the motor skills involved in using a paint brush. Though older children would probably find it fun too… Also, some excellent tips for grown-ups who don’t like messy activities. I myself have a hard time with messy activities, but I know they’re important for kids. Kate’s tips: helpful.

From Toddler Approved, a clever early literacy activity that will help children work out letter sounds. With a fun little twist that makes it a fine motor activity too. Almost sure to be a hit activity.

From Not Just Cute, a nice discussion on the choices-vs-boundaries question in raising children. In particular, why choices and boundaries are both super important. Also, a great explanation of why children test boundaries.

From Hands Free Mama, a really touching piece about keeping parenting positive. A great demonstration of the power of mindfulness and positive observation—the simple act of noticing the positive things helped there BE more positive things. Notice how, when using the “Warm Fuzzy Jar,” it’s the kids, not the parents, who decide when to put something in.

Teacher Tom gives yet another fine example of how to foster self-help in children by simply watching, waiting, listening… A nice tie-in to Janet Lansbury’s typically incisive advice: stop entertaining your toddler! She makes a great case. And if you’ve ever felt like it’s your job to keep your child engaged? This is for you.

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