Suggested Reading for 6/7/13


It was a good week for early childhood on the internet—lots of great stuff out there.

Best thing I’ve read this week was from Picklebums, “Why I’m OK with My Kids Failing.” This is such an important perspective on how to build resilience in children, in the context of love and support and respect. Very, very good stuff.

Also wonderful is this post by Laura Markham about how to respond when one sibling harms another. It’s slightly long, but covers so many important bases.

Why does Scandinavia do everything right? Here’s an article about a program in Finland that gives a box of useful stuff to new mothers. The article credits the box with a drastic reduction in infant mortality, which I don’t buy—the contents of the box have changed too much, and the decline has been too steady—it’s correlation, not causation. That said, it’s OBVIOUSLY an excellent piece of public policy.

From Simple Mom, some benefits of, and tips for, letting kids play in the dirt. Yes please!

From MamaOT, a wonderful collection of activities that make writing into a multi-sensory experience. Having trouble getting your child interested in writing? One of these is sure to appeal.

Teacher Tom waxes philosophical about the transition from preschool to kindergarten, and about what is lost when kids go to places that disincentivize mess. It’s a compelling point.

Have a great weekend!


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