Suggested Reading for 6/14/13

suggestedreadingThere are some lovely things to read this week.

A touching piece from Hands Free Mama, about the power of simply showing your children appreciation and attention, in simple, straightforward language. A very worthwhile idea.

From Teacher Tom, an excellent piece on constructive ways to deal with the “You can’t play with us” phenomenon. There are about four really good ideas in here, all more subtle and gentle than a lot of approaches many teachers (including me) often use.

From The Child Mind Institute, “Retro Toys and the Importance of Being Bored.” A call for toys that don’t (in the words of a friend) beep or boop or peep or poop, and a call to let your kids be bored. True dat.

An adorable color matching activity from Toddler Approved. I always love the make-it-yourself ones.

A post on risk and injury in childhood that takes the strongest stance of anything I’ve read. This might be a little over the line for you—but it’s worth thinking about. It’s on a blog called Little Eco Footprints, which I didn’t know before, but kind of fell in love with it after reading this post about the family’s lifestyle. Inspiring and exciting…

Have a good weekend!


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