Suggested Reading for 6/21/13

suggestedreadingIt’s been a busy week—we had family staying with us, and we’re getting ready to skip town for a month. I suspect next week I won’t have time for a real blog post either—we’ll be on the road most of the week. I promise I’ll get back to substantive blogging sooner or later. For now, there’s some good stuff to read.

Laura Markham offers some really useful tips for how to respond when you see your child being treated aggressively by another child. Also, as a guest-post on another site, she writes about the benefits of not being a perfect parent, and of making parenting mistakes.

Did you know 1 in 28 kids in the US has a parent in jail? I didn’t. You know who’s taking on that issue for children? Sesame Street. They’re introducing a muppet whose dad is in jail. How empowering for kids. How (and I realize the irony of using this word) humanizing. As a friend commented on facebook, “Sesame Street: still doing it right.”

Teacher Tom writes about the effectiveness of “treating children like fully formed human beings.” Also, a terrific illustration of what can happen if you put children to work making genuine changes to their own environment. Every day at preschool should be kind of like this.

Here’s an interesting video from Too Small to Fail, an initiative Hillary Clinton is starting to support parents and businesses in meeting the needs of young children. It’s a little hard to know exactly what this initiative is going to DO—but the video is heartwarming and promising.

Finally: James Gandolfini died this week. But before that he was on Sesame Street, talking about feeling scared. It’s a really sweet little piece. Your heart will be warmed.


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