Suggested Reading for 6/28/13

I made it across the country! Man, the bay area is great. Also, I visited my former preschool this morning. It was awesome seeing all the kids, though it’s been long enough that I was attacked with hugs, just surrounded and talked to/at. One child, who was in my class two years ago, excited said, “I remember you!” but after a few minutes of talking, said, “I don’t remember your voice.” Not sure if that’s significant at all. But I also got to see a lot of the families I worked with—such great people!—and a lot of former colleagues—also great people! It’s a fine place.

Anyway, blogging will remain seldom for the summer, but here are some things you ought to read.

Here’s a fine post by a woman whose young daughter was bullied at the park for being fat. She doesn’t have solutions to offer, per se, but she’s got great perspective.

This one is a little silly, but Toddler Approved has some ideas for activities you can do with a child and vaccuum cleaner. You’ll read these and immediately think of ways to adapt these ideas. Fun stuff at home.

Yet another fine idea for the sensory table from “Sand and Water Tables” – hang a clothesline over it, and give kids clothes to wash and hang! Genius.

From An Everyday Story, lovely thoughts on putting children in charge of their own learning. Great advice for both teachers and parents.

From Teacher Tom, some provokative thoughts on gender and curriculum and ADHD and educational programming. I’m not sure I agree with all of this per se, but it’s worth thinking about, and as usual he writes carefully and thoughtfully about thorny issues. Also, some good ideas about the importance of nonverbal communication, especially at circle time.


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