Suggested Reading for 8/24/13

Right! So, starting work really cuts into my blogging time. Who knew?

But seriously, this was my first few days at Children’s Community School, and I’m super pumped. Kids don’t start for another two weeks, so we’re planning and discussing and learning, and it’s great. My colleagues are kind and thoughtful and experienced and dedicated, and I can’t wait to spend the year working with them. In all likelihood I’ll have a recurring “dispatches from preschool” feature on this blog soon, where I discuss what we’re up to. But we’ll see.

Anyway, I hope to keep up 2 blog posts a week. Can he do it? Stay tuned!

suggestedreadingIn the mean time, while I didn’t have much time for reading this week, here’s a few things I think are worth your while.

First off this hilarious, awesome idea. I’ve never really liked those magnets that come in most preschools these days, with big plastic handles. But this is a genius use for them. Faces! Pipecleaner hair! Hilarious.

Next, from the always-intriguing Brainpickings, some thoughts on how children perceive and understand metaphors. Not especially practical, but will make you go, “Hmmm!”

A great story from Picklebums on building children’s self-help skills by simply being patient and not stepping in to help. If this sounds like you, you’re doing it right.

From Teacher Tom, some thoughts on the transition from play-based preschool to more traditionally structured elementary school. Reason for hope.

Have a great weekend!


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