I’m Jarrod Green—a preschool teacher, teacher trainer, and child development and behavior consultant.

That’s me in the photo. I’m the one with the glasses. It was Rainbow Day at school, and our classroom chose purple. It wasn’t just a coincidence.

In the preschool classroom, my interests and strengths include supporting play-based, child- centered learning; developing children’s social problem-solving skills; and building diverse, inclusive communities of children and families. As a college teacher, I help my students use reflection and teacher-research strategies to improve classroom practice; I build on the strengths of all caregivers to achieve their goals; and I advocate for Early Childhood Education as a profession. In consulting with families, I work to help each family find solutions that meet the unique needs of each child, parent, and family member.

If you have a young child in your family or in your classroom, this blog is for you. Links to articles and blog posts, activity ideas, advice for families, picture book recommendations—I’ve got it all. If by “it all” you mean “the stuff I just listed.”

If you’re interested in my services for families and teachers, or you want to check out my other early childhood resources, take a look at jarrodgreen.net. And please get in touch with me—I’d love to hear what you have to say about all of this.

* * *

What’s that you say? You’d like to read more things I’ve written in other places? How kind of you to say!

I have an article at NAEYC’s website for families called Observation: The Key to Understanding Your Child (published November 20, 2012).

I have a guest-blog-post called How to Bring “Big Body Play” Into a Kid’s School Day at Mama OT, a wonderful occupational therapy blog (published October 2, 2012).

And all my writings are collected on the resources page of my website, jarrodgreen.net.

One thought on “About

  1. Paul Heller August 6, 2013 at 8:45 pm Reply

    Dear Jarrod,
    I’m a friend of your dad’s, and today he sent me your blog. I know my mother would have been delighted to have read it and it makes me very happy to know you like the books and use them and that the children like the illustrations and verse. “Chickens” is the one that started her off. That plus years of taking my brother and me to the science museum in GG Park, the Zoo, and playing around in tide pools in Marin. And reading limericks and other nonsense poems.

    Thank you so much for your very generous comments and for spreading the word about her.

    A friend of my mother started a new publication co for children’s books here in Berkeley: http://www.crestonbooks.co/
    They may interest you.

    Again, this is really moving, Jarrod, and my family and I really appreciate it.

    Paul Heller

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