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Teacher Stories

Hello, friends! I’ve been away while, but I wanted to pop in and let you all know about a new project I’ve been working on. It’s a podcast where teachers tell stories about their teaching, and I think it’s pretty great. The second episode will be up this weekend, and I hope you take a listen. It’s called “Telling Tales Out of School.” You can find it with a search in the iTunes store, or go to




Taking a break…

Hello, dear friends.

The time has come to acknowledge the truth. At the moment, I’m too busy to keep up with this blog. With teaching and assistant directing and preschool and teaching college and trying to have a personal life too… well, I just don’t have the wherewithal to have a regular schedule here at the moment.

So I’m going to take a hiatus this semester. Hopefully come January things will calm down, and I can get back to writing here. If you want to automatically receive an email when I do post, click the “Follow” button in the right-hand column on this page.

I’ll leave you, for the moment, with something that I think is pretty cool. My first print publication is about to come out! The next issue of Teaching Young Children Magazine will feature an article by no other than myself, called “The ‘Make a Plan’ Plan.” It’s about an approach to discipline I’ve used in my teaching, where the teacher and the child essentially write a contract together about how they’re going to solve a problem, and thus end up collaborating on, rather than fighting about, a child’s behavior. I’m proud of both the writing and the ideas in here. And because I think you readers are pretty special, you can read an advance copy before it hits the newsstands.

Thanks, readers, for you attention and support and appreciation. I’ll be back soon.

You SHOULD Ask a Preschool Teacher

Busy week this week, so no real post today.

But! Have you read all the Ask a Preschool Teacher posts? You should! People have liked them.

Also, have you wanted to ask a preschool teacher something? Use my submission page—it can be anonymous if you prefer.

Have a good rest of your week. And happy birthday, Mr. Rogers!